General Terms and Conditions

If you have completed your online/ physical meal plan enrollment form, this means you have agreed to these terms and conditions for as long as you are on our meal plans or take our meals for functions or any other use . We are unable to accommodate to your needs and we will unfortunately refuse you as a client if you: Cannot have raw food Cannot have cooked onions and garlic in food Cannot have cooked tomato or tomato sauce Cannot have yeast-containing foods Are a celiac or have a nut allergy (our kitchen is not gluten-free nor nut-free certified) At an additional cost, we are able to accommodate to your needs if you have more than 5 intolerances or allergies.

Meal Plan Subscription

We require a 48 hour notification period in case you wish to put your meal plan subscription on hold; however, if you wish to stop the package immediately, you may transfer the remaining days to a family member or friend and provide the new address immediately. Refunds are NOT accepted. You can put your plan on hold for a minimum of 2 days. You can put your plan on hold only up to twice a month. You must use up your remaining days within 45 days from the first day of your freeze date. Should you wish to renew your subscription or continue on the plan, we require you to inform us 2 working days or 48 hours before your plan ends and your payment must be made via bank transfer online. If the payment is not received, meals cannot be delivered until the full amount is settled. Additionally, we require a 48-hour notice, should you wish to change your calorie and macronutrient intake. The minimum number of days you can get meals for per week is 5. Unless a meal is received damaged or in a poor condition, can it be returned with the driver, otherwise no meals whatsoever (for quality and hygiene purposes) can be rejected or returned.

Meal Delivery and Logistics

You will be receiving your meals at approximately the same timings daily; however, this may vary some days depending on traffic or other logistical reasons. Once the meals have been delivered to your desired address during the allocated time slot, it is no longer our responsibility in case the bag or box went missing. In the case it went missing, you will be charged for the meals and will lose the cooler bag deposit fee. We require at least 24-hour notice for changing your delivery address, in the case of changing offices, or moving houses. Iamfoodie LLC kitchen does not have a designated gluten-free section; however, our entire team is well trained to ensure that gluten containing ingredients are separated All meals are labeled providing: name, reheating instructions, meal type (breakfast/am snack/lunch/pm snack/dinner/extra snack), calorie count, and macros (fat, carbs and protein → soon) and the production and expiry date. All food upon receiving should be kept refrigerated under 5°C or below. Iamfoodie LLC will take no responsibility for food temperatures after the meals have been handed to you.